I'm an award-winning independent journalist based in Atlanta. I report for newspapers, magazines, radio stations and digital media outlets in my native Germany and the United States, preferably on topics at the intersection of health care, politics and policing. I particularly enjoy writing and producing long form stories.

In the U.S., my reporting has been featured by U.S. News & World Report, TIME, USA Today, KFF Health News, The Washington Post, NPR, Smithsonian's Air & Space Magazine, Rural Health Quarterly and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

In Europe, I'm a regular contributor to the German national daily Welt, news website Spiegel, the German-Jewish weekly Jüdische Allgemeine, Technology Review, German national public radio, the Austrian daily Der Standard and The Times of Israel.

Before immigrating to the U.S. I worked at Die Welt for over ten years, eventually as an international military beat reporter and later, as a foreign correspondent. I covered conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, and military operations in the Pacific and the Persian Gulf, often working as an embedded reporter with U.S. and NATO troops.

As a foreign correspondent in Die Welt's Brussels office, I covered the European Union, NATO and the Benelux countries. I also wrote a critically acclaimed book about life behind the scenes at the EU's power center, "Der Tross von Brüssel" ("The Brussels Entourage").

Prior to becoming a journalist, I studied history, economics and political science at the University of Bonn and Freie Universität Berlin, where I graduated with a master's degree in contemporary history.

I was a founding member of the Advisory Council to the Department of German Studies at Emory University in Atlanta and served on the juries for the European Commission’s Lorenzo-Natali Prize for Journalism, as well as the FameLab competition for science communication.

I'm an Arthur F. Burns Fellow and a recipient of the 2018 ICFJ/IJP Holbrooke Research Grant. My work has been recognized with a Green Eyeshade Award, a Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) award, and an Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) reporting award. 

Photo by Constance S. Heery