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Katja Ridderbusch works as a senior foreign correspondent for leading German news media, including national German dailies Die Welt and Tagesspiegel, news website Spiegel online and German national public radio Deutschlandfunk.

Her favorite format is long-form reporting and profiles about people who are shaking the world or touching a moment. Take for example a statesman who holds a Bible class at his local church. The Fortune 500 executive who enjoys riding a tractor for leisure. A karate teacher who also gives etiquette classes at a girls' school in the deep South. Or a young woman who interprets the life stories of the deceased from their bones.

Katja has interviewed, among others, former President Jimmy Carter, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley K. Clark, Airbus CEO Tom Enders, novelist Erica Jong, Academy Award-winning Austrian-German actor Christoph Waltz and aviation legend Chuck Yeager.

For public radio in Europe and America, Katja has reported on political, economic and cultural developments. She frequently reviews the latest fiction and non-fiction books released in the United States and Germany.

Katja is also a sought-after guest on network television, where she talks about her lives in the Old and New World.

Check out samples of Katja’s work here.