Katja Ridderbusch Buchautorin

The Brussels Entourage

How does the European Union function behind the scenes? Who are the people keeping the complex political machinery of the world's most powerful community of nations running?


Der Tross von Brüssel, ein Buch von Katja Ridderbusch
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Discover the answers to these questions and more in Katja Ridderbusch's critically acclaimed book, Der Tross von Brüssel ("The Brussels Entourage"). Written in a narrative non-fiction style, it offers informative and entertaining profiles of members of the Brussels workforce. Take the Austrian Chief of Protocol, for example, who greets heads of states at the European Council’s back door. Or the Italian butler, who looks like the late French comedian Fernandel and who as a young man handed Winston Churchill his cigars. Or the Hungarian press secretary who, in her daydreams, travels to the skating rink of her childhood in Budapest.



Full Tanks – Empty Plates

The anthology Volle Tanke – Leere Teller (“Full Tanks – Empty Plates“), compiled by Wolfgang Hees, Oliver Müller and Matthias Schüth, includes two chapters written by Katja Ridderbusch.


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One is about the Jeschke family, grain farmers living in the flat nowhere of Illinois. The Jeschkes have been betting on the promise of the biofuel ethanol, which started the big American corn rush.

The other chapter tells the story of commodity broker Chris Manns, who works at the Chicago Board of Trade, the world’s oldest and largest futures exchange. Nicknamed “Mr. Ethanol,” he breathlessly reports for his own radio show each morning about the world’s growing hunger for the yellow grain.